Utah Recap - The Video!

December 1st! What better time to take a trip back to August and relive some warm memories :) During my trip to Utah I took a couple video clips, mostly panoramas. I did this with the sole purpose of making a little video at some point and sticking a few pictures into it. At times, it was really hard to capture the magnitude of a scene with just one image. But with a short video panorama, it really helps give you a sense of scale (the best example is at the 3 minute mark, which also happens to be my favorite clip).
Since we spent so much time in the car, a decent chunk of the video was taken by my dad in the passengers seat.
Now, I am no professional videographer, and that could not be more evident here. Things I leaned - always use a tripod for panoramic video, don't use a wide angle lens for video, and finally, the combination of a wide lens and shaky video might make you nauseous... so here is the DISCLAIMER - If you are prone to motion sickness, don't watch this!

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I've also put a few of these images in the "Fine Art Gallery" for sale. They could make a good Christmas present for someone... what better way to say "I have no idea what to get you"!

Utah from Dan Buettner on Vimeo.

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