Utah Part III - Dead Horse State Park

Just outside of Moab is Dead Horse State Park. I'm told the cliff scene from Thelma and Louise (see this link for the clip, unless you've never seen the movie... I don't want to ruin for you), along with the intro clip from Mission Impossible 2 (see here this one is totally worth checking out) were filmed here.
Although I've never been to the Grand Canyon, I think this is pretty darn close. It offers spectacular views, and I've noticed it's very hard to capture the size and depth of these drop offs with a still camera.

This shot is on the way into the park...

These little ones are some candids of yours truly that my dad took.

If I had to guess, I'd say this is were Tom Cruise did the rock climb.

It is really hard to capture what this looks like in real life, I did a couple videos as well that I will post later in the year that I think does a better job showing how dramatic this really is. I had some pretty crazy "sweaty palms" going on here.

This guy has been around.

Up next is our journey from Moab to Bryce.