Utah - Part IV - Scenic Highway 12

We took Highway 12 from Moab towards Bryce National Park. It is supposed to be one of, if not the, most scenic road in the U.S. At times it boarders the Grand Staircase (one of the most remote parts of the country), it was well worth the trip, and Hwy 12 easily lives up to its reputation.

So as we are driving along this road (not yet Hwy 12), everything as far as the eye can see is pasture, and not very lush pasture... the tumble weed kind of pasture. Then out of no where is this little bit of red sand.

I was hoping for an old animal scull but this white branch had to do.

This is the "Fruita" School house... it housed 26 students!!!! Not to mention it gets REALLY hot here.

Above and below are some of the scenic overlooks from Hwy 12 (processed as 70's Polaroids).

The Sherpa

Then as we approached the end of our trip that day, we had to scramble to find a spot for the moon rise. Which is actually pretty hard since we are mostly down in canyons and it wouldn't be visible for at least 20 minutes after it had officially risen. But luckily enough we found a good spot.

Then it was off to find a motel...

Up next - Bryce National Park