Canadian Prairies - Travel

I've been traveling through the Canadian prairies for the last few days... getting more and more remote as the miles pass by. Here is a quick panoramic from the highway.

Kyle & Mandi - Urban Engagement Session

Kyle and Mandi wanted a few urban shots included in their engagement session. They strolled around St. Paul and Minneapolis one day taking note of their favorite locations. St Paul ended up having more of what they were looking for, so that is where we headed.
With it's mix of city parks, grungy alley ways, historic architecture, and skylines, St Paul is a wonderful city for pictures (of all types).
I had a great time with them, exploring a few city blocks, playing with some poses.... can't wait for the wedding next year!

engagement, st paul, meres park
engagement, st paul

engagement, urban, mn
engagement, mn, pictures, city

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Jarrod & Krista - Farmington Wedding

This fabulous couple tied the knot at the Farmington Lutheran Church, with a rocken' reception to follow at the Northfield Ballroom (complete with their fabulous country, home cooked food). Farmington Lutheran is a great church and it sits on a very large chunk of land. Which allowed us to do all of their pre-ceremony shots right there (very close to the air conditioning, and this was the week before the tropical humidity moved in).
Jarrod and Krista were great to work with, very easy going and they loved to party!

above image courtesy of Joanne Chappellaz

bridal, portrait, outdoor

wedding, ceremony, farmingtonabove image courtesy of Joanne Chappellaz

After the ceremony a party bus took everyone to a local bar, en-route to the reception at the Northfield Ball Room!

northfield, ball room, wedding, mn
northfield ball room, mn, wedding
wedding, cake,
OK, I realize the ring shot below isn't for everyone. But I don't shoot to please everyone, I shoot to please the bride and groom. When you give away beer cozies that say "to have and to hold, to keep your beer cold", this shot just made sense!

wedding, rings, beer

Zeph and Dawbie - K9 Portraits

Big Zephrum and little Dawbie stopped by for some indoor and outdoor portraits last week. It's always fun shooting our furry friends, but what makes it funny is when 2 dogs... that live in the same home... don't like each other. We wanted to get a few shots of them together... or as close as possible, but they weren't to keen on that idea. A lot of trickery and treats were involved.

k9, dog, animal, portraits
dog, pictures, portraits