I'm very excited to announce that I've been Featured on WeddingChannel.com!!!! I wish I could share the link with everyone but I guess it's only for registered brides... oh well.
Basically they chose to use some of my photos (or the items in the photos) to showcase to other brides planning their weddings. To give you an idea, they cropped out 2 bridesmaids from the header picture above to showcase the bright pink bridesmaids dress. Which, in my opinion, is quite funny, since I took that shot to show off the bride in the middle and the bridesmaids get blurred out towards the edge. But hey, it gets my name in front of about 500,000 new brides.!

Karrie & Josh - Engaged

Oddly enough, it's been a while since I've had an engagement session with the SUN! Karrie and Josh were able to take advantage of the lovely weather we had over the weekend for a few fall photos. Below are some of my favorites.

These are 3 of my most favoritest (my daughters word) ring shots!

Dani & Scott

Since they got engaged at the Nicollet Island Inn, they thought it would be fitting to have their engagement photo's done there as well (makes sense). Fortunately the kind staff at the Inn allowed us to take some shots there (on an otherwise freezing cold October day).
I look forward to your upcoming winter wedding!

(sorry about the bad logo overlay on this one)

Then we went out to brave the elements for some fall shots (it was about 37 degress and starting to drizzle)

Alicia & Brandon - Engaged

I was able to shoot their engagement session last weekend after already being rescheduled once with bad weather. Although that day was not much warmer (about 37 degrees), it wasn't raining (or snowing)! They were a wonderful couple to take pictures of, and very easy going. I personally love this set, as it goes from your classic engagement style shots and finishes with a little grunge.
We started at an orchard just outside Northfield and ended in "downtown" Northfield, which is so full of character.

Although I didn't prompt them to do this.... I'll happily take a picture of it :-)

This is Cooper, and he REALLY wanted a piece of those ducks that were swimming behind me.

This truck just happened to be at the right place, at the right time.
I personally LOVE this grunge set...
Did I mention it was freezing cold that day? And this was right before sunset. After the hoodies came off, they had to take a few warm up breaks.

Marc & Becky

Such a great couple, and so fun to take pictures of! They were married at the Reserve in Plymouth last weekend. It seemed fitting that this couple, who loves hockey (see the kick ass cake below!) would have snow on their wedding day.... in October.

Hands down, the coolest cake I have ever seen! I'm told it weighed over 150lbs. It was a shame seeing it get cut up, but it tasted great too :-)