Safari - Kenya and Tanzania 2014

My dad and I had the opportunity to visit Kenya and Tanzania on a 2 week safari this past Jan/Feb 2014.  It was simply incredible.
From a photography standpoint, I had a hard time narrowing down my gear list.  I knew it had to be light and manageable, but it also had to include various options and backups - depending on the day/ weather/ plane/ vehicle/ etc.  We were in everything from commercial jets down to 12 person prop planes as well as buses to buggies.
So for those that are interested, here is the gear list.  Nikon d7100, it's an easier sized body to manage, great battery life, dual card slots, large sensor, video and audio capabilities.  Stuck to that was the Tokina 80-400mm lens, it's fairly cheap, smallish (for that range of lens) both in dimension and weight.  Nikon v1 with 10-30 and 30-110 lenses, it's small and silent (mostly for people shots) and takes decent video.  I also had an adapter to use the big lens on it at an equivalent 1080mm.  The Samsung NX20 with 18-50 lens, it is also tiny (mirrorless camera) with a huge sensor, great video, perfect for closer up animals, and wide angle landscapes.  Drift HD camera, for the video in the post below, super fun to have with. A small tripod that doubled as a mono stick - barely touched it.  Gaffers tape, lots of dust out there so switching lenses was a no no, in fact I taped all the wholes (except mic) and lens mount for the entire trip.  Dust blower (of course).  Tons of memory and a back up computer with another backup drive, and my cell phone.  Everything was tucked into my Lowepro Flipside 300 (technically there isn't a laptop spot in this backpack, but the netbook I used could lay on top of everything for transport).  Can't say I missed having anything else with me, the only things that were to far away were the White Rhino, everything else was plenty close (see elephant pic below with jeep in the frame)

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This little guy was hilarious, he is snacking on a sugar packet from another room.  They know where the goodies are and the know when a door isn't latched!