I'm baaah-aack!

It was an amazing trip to Maui - but now it's back to work... in the editing department (aka my basement).  In the "off season" I plan on catching up on ALL of the posts that I have neglected.

Destination - Maui

I'm off to Maui for a destination wedding / documentary - so my email replies will be a little delayed.
 ~   Aloha   ~

Mike & Molly - Minnesota Valley Country Club Wedding

I have to go back to warm and sunny August for this magnificent couples post.  Mike and Molly tied the knot at a beautiful church in Bloomington.  Then we headed down to Normandale for some fun pictures before capping it all off at the Minnesota Valley Country Club - a gorgeous setting... and we were lucky enough to get a dramatic sunset.  A big thanks to Joanne for helping out that day!

mn valley, country club, wedding
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mn valley, country club, food, wedding
minnesota valley country club, wedding, reception
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Fall - 2012

My dad was the one that introduced me to photography when I was a teenager (12 or 13 maybe).  We'd go around taking scenic pictures, landscapes, sunsets, whatever caught our eye.  No matter how busy life gets, I still enjoy being able to do that.  This fall was no exception.  I was really busy with portraits, but fortunately I was able to get a few shots on my own (even if some were taken while scouting locations, or right before or after portrait sessions).