Mean Sky and a Dead House

It's been FOREVER since I've posted... about 2 full months.  To be honest, I've enjoyed the time away from the computer.  Both my kids are in hockey and that seems to fill up my free time in the "off season".   But it's time to dust things off and put up a post before the end of January.  My goal is to work through all my personal work before the paid season starts back up.
This series comes to you from Manitoba, Canada.  This past June was very wet across the midwest and through the Canadian Prairies.  Which gave way to some of the biggest and meanest cloud formations that I've seen in a long time.  These clouds didn't just last one day, it was a full week at least.  If I can remember correctly this series is from 3 separate days.

This last image sets the stage for my next post.  I stumbled across this amazing old house... and just had to venture inside.