Steve and Cassie - Bracketts Country Club Wedding - Lakeville Photographer

I had a fantastic time with Steve and Cassie on their wedding day.  It was an abnormally warm (and soggy) November day - perfect weather for outdoor pictures.  Bracketts Crossing served as their reception site, lovely as always.  Steve and Cassie even went the extra mile with accent lighting - and I must say, WOW what a difference.  Anyone who is on the fence right now deciding if they should add some lighting (regardless of the venue), do it!
Big thanks to Jennifer for helping out that day.

bracketts crossing, lakeville, wedding
bracketts crossing, lakeville, wedding
bracketts crossing, lakeville, wedding
bracketts crossing, lakeville, wedding

Emily and Chris - Prior Lake Wedding Photographer - The Wilds

Chris and Emily were married at the Wilds Golf Course in Prior Lake on a beautiful, late October day.  The lighting was fabulous all day long.  They were such an fun couple to follow around and take pictures of, super laid back. 
We were able to get a few pictures done in Prior Lake, and were fortunate enough to run into a very friendly police officer.  At the time I was standing in the middle of the road when his squad car pulled over.  I thought I might be asked to leave, but instead he offers up his car for us to do whatever we wanted.  Alicia (who was second shooting with me that day), sprang into action with a ton of great ideas.

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