Changing the World on a Tuesday Night

Last spring I was contact by Tammi DeVille to see if I'd be interested in photographing 3 volunteers in the Twin Cites for a book she was working on "Changing the World on a Tuesday Night". I also volunteered my time to take these shots for her. I thought the idea behind the book was great, and I was happy to help.
Well, it's been a long process for Tammi to get everything ready, but it looks like the book is on it's way to the publishers (Congrats!). It's also starting to get a little publicity. Volunteer Match has used one of her stories on their site - here. And it just so happens to feature one of my photo's.
It just blows my mind how many of these volunteers have a full time 9-5 and then volunteer another 20 or more hours a week on top of that!

Ryan & Richelle - Married

Ryan and Richelle (Rikki), were married at St Andrews Church in Eden Prairie and the reception was at Stonebrooke Golf Course in Shakopee. The day started off very hot and ended with a lot of rain and tornado warnings! But none of that got in the way of their fabulous wedding. They are such a great couple, and I wish you both all the best in the coming years.

"The sky was angry that day my friends" (shameless rip off of a Seinfeld episode... bonus points if you can tell me which one). Seriously though, it was. That's the sky that produced baseball sized hail a little further north. I didn't edit that sky at all!

The Basilica? Yes, I've shot there!

I've actually been asked a few times if I've ever shot a wedding at the Basilica of St Mary. Even though I shot one of my first weddings at St. Thomas More (which on many photographic levels, is similar to the Basilica), I've always had to say "not yet". Until NOW!
I've always liked photographing architecture, especially old architecture. So it was a special treat to show up a little early and grab some architectural shots before everyone showed up (well, except for my second shooter Glenda, apparently she had the same idea).
You'll have to wait a little bit for the full wedding post unfortunately, but it will be a doooozy!

basilica, minneapolis
basilica of st mary
basilica, st mary