K-9 Portraits

I had a request from a client to do some "non-traditional" family portraits. That get's a little tricky when you are confined to an indoor space this time of year. But we came up with a fun composite.

First the individual shots...

dog, portraits

fun, family, portraitsI pieced those together to form the shot below. I think I might even make one of these with my own family. You'd have the option to piece them all together, or frame each of them individually and hang them all in a row. That way they are easy to update and add to (for the growing family).

Portable Power

Oh happy day! I was soooo excited when the big brown truck pulled up today. Inside that little box was something I have been waiting for for a long time. The new Vegabond Mini Lithium power pack. It's about 1/4 the size and 15 lbs lighter than the old one. This is truly portable, go anywhere power for BIG lights. This will be the main component of my new lighting bag and will bring a whole new dimension to on location lighting. It's going to be a great year!

Fun with Photo's

This is Ben, my youngest child... who happens to have my exact hairdo from 28 years ago (minus the orange color). This is actually "short" as far as Ben's hair goes, but we thought it was time for a trim. I had just finished shooting a family portrait session so everything was ready to go. I had this shot concept in my head since his last haircut. So we shot a few frames just for fun. I'm curious to know your thoughts on these. Which is your fave? Jump over to my facebook page and let me know.

WPPI 16x20 Print Competition Results

I joined WPPI this year (well, the end of last year), it stands for Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (for more info on them click here). They have a few competitions every year which are judged by pro's from all over the world. I decided to enter the 16x20 print competition which took place in January with all the prints displayed in Vegas at there BIG trade show. I went with these 5 images from last year. I would have done more but it was simply to expensive.
I was thrilled when the results came in. The first 4 scored "Excellent" = Very good use of imagination, skill and technique. The last one came in at "Above Average" = Good standard of professional skill, creativity and technique.

Print Ordering Tutorial

Below are two quick tutorials for ordering prints or a canvas along with matted/framed prints. The volume is a little soft, so you might have to crank that up a notch.

I'm going to be updating this section shortly, if you have any questions in the mean time, please feel free to ask.