The Hixson Family - Christmas Portraits

I had a couple of extended family sessions to do over the Thanksgiving weekend. The Hixson family here is made up of 4 separate families, all back for the holiday. So they capitalized on that time to get all the grand kids in one place and snap a few frames.

The eyes have it! - The McCallister Family

First off - Happy Thanksgiving Everyone, I'll be watching re-runs of Alton Brown for the next few days in search of that "perfect turkey". I'll also be taking a little blog holiday until next week.

Now, since it's snowed, I'm dating myself by posting this one. I've been sitting on it for a couple weeks now and for some reason it got a little buried. This couple has two of the most addorable children (next to mine of course). Their oldest daughter has the most amazing eyes I have ever seen! To be fair, in this digital age, I suppose I need to tell you that NO touch ups or enhancements were made to the eyes (believe it or not). This gorgeous series was shot at Minnehaha Falls.

The "S" Family

Now that there is snow on the ground I've had to tidy up the old studio inside. Aimee and her family stopped by last weekend to get their Family and Christmas card pictures taken care of. We even managed to fire off a few shots outside as well (it's just to pretty out there to pass up!)

More from the last snowfall...

Another thing we try to do on the first snowfall, is take care of our Christmas card pictures! It's been a little tricky these past few years since it's so hard to know when that first snow will be, and if it's too late we get a little panicky. This last 10 inch snowfall sort of took us by surprise, I still have a lot of leaves under it (but that's not my fault, our huge maple didn't decide to drop it's millions of leaves until 2 days prior!).
I know it's taken me a couple of days to post this since taking them... BUT, I had to wait for the Art Director (my wife) to select her favorites. Of course the shots below AREN'T them (that would get me in a lot of trouble), the selected Christmas card shots are a heavily guarded secret that you will only see if you know someone who knows someone who knows us well enough to get one :) (but they are pretty close to the ones below).

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First Snow

I LOVE SNOW! Especially the first snowfall of the year. Water is usually still flowing and the snow is usually nice and sticky. Whenever I shoot landscapes it's always just personal work... aka pictures I take for fun. I dusted off the old rubber boots for these ones.

The Teske Twins

This great family are repeat customers from last year, except they've added a pair of twins to the mix... which made for a VERY busy year on their end. Here is a sample of these 10 week old beauties.

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Austin's Senior Picture Preview - Burnsville

Saving it for the last minute... Austin found me to get his senior pictures in before the yearbook deadline. Fortunately, the weather last Sunday was amazing (for November). Now, since the setting was mostly forest... bare forest since all the leaves are down, and Austin is a fairly serious individual... I went a little "Blair Witch Project" on this one (well, not every shot... that would be weird, but a few of them). Here are a few samples from his session.

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senior, portrait, 2011

The Carlson Clan

Some good friends of ours... and great customers to! It's always great getting these characters in front of the camera.