Boonieville Part II

I am now in a remote part of the great white north (Canada) for a couple days and will be in and out of email contact. Please feel free to send them, just give me a day or two to reply (same thing applies to voicemail).

Ryan & Bridget - Stonebrooke Golf Course - MN Wedding

Ryan and Bridget were married at the beautiful Stonebrooke Golf Course in Shakopee last weekend. They were a treat to work with, very easy going and a lot of fun! I wish you both many happy years of marriage.


I will be out of town until Thursday August 26th, in a very remote part of Utah (taking pictures of course). I'm not sure what my data plan coverage is down there so I might be a little late in replying to emails or phone calls.

Parks Family

I had the good fortune of meeting the Parks Family at the end of July. They were in from out of town and chose me to do there daughters one year pictures. This was the exact spot where they were married a few years back. Little Jasmine really opened up and had a great time! She was going all over the place and really enjoyed having three people chase after her.

Alex - Roosevelt Senior

Meet Alex, the big Center for the Roosevelt Football team. I had a great time with this set, I've been dying to shoot a heavy sports themed senior session! Alex was the perfect candidate. His parents even got access to their school field.

We also did a few "regular" ones. And yes, a few other smiling ones for mom :)

Incidentally, I'm still looking for a few more seniors that want a lot of sports shots in their set. It can be any sport (almost), but the majority of the shots will be focused on it. If this is something that interests you please contact me to learn about your HUGE discount!