Minneapolis Skyline - Tourist in my own city.

I've had plenty of opportunities to photograph this magnificent skyline... I've always wanted to but never stopped.  Now, after almost 10 years of "I'll get it next time", I finally pulled over and did it!

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Sweet Sales!

I LOVE walking through a good garage sale.  Not the sales with 10,000 pieces of baby clothes, the sales that transport you back in time...  This past week I was able to stumble upon a few of those.

 Some beef bullion cubes from the 80's along with various other OPEN spices.  Not sure who in their right mind would buy these.

 These shotgun lights aren't so much antiques as they are simply hilarious!

 K2's with stainless steel bindings!


This is a two for one, a super old microwave AND a VHS machine.

Melisa and Tom - The Wilds, Prior Lake - Wedding Photography

Melisa and Tom tied the knot back in April with a fresh layer of snow on the ground.  Simply a wonderful couple to work with.  It was great to see all of the extended family gathering at the church before the ceremony.  The room was full of  smiles!
Special thanks to Alicia for second shooting with me that day. 

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