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A few friends...

Brawns Photography - Vancouver Island Wedding Photographer - Vancouver Island Based Wedding Photographer

Benipayo photography - Filipino Photographer - San Francisco Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Benipayo photography - San Francisco Wedding Photographer - Wedding and Portrait Photographer

William Kim Photography - |Southern California Wedding Photographer - Specializing in Creative Fun Wedding Photography

Phenom Photography - Houston Photographer - Specializing in Wedding Photography

Norman Ng Photography - Vancouver Wedding Photographer - Specializing in Wedding Photography

Black Cat White Cat Photography - Seattle Wedding Photographer - Specializing in documenting your day with beautiful, modern and fresh images

Conrad Lim Photography - Los Angeles Wedding and Portrait Photographer - Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Jason Page photography - Texas Photographer - Specializing in contemporary wedding photography

Stefano Choi photography - Austin Wedding Photographer - Austin Wedding Photographer

Francis Joseph photography - Austin Wedding Photographer - Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

Rainy Day Photos - Houston Wedding Photographer - Specializing in Wedding, Engagement, and Portrait Photography

Victor Saidov photography - Seattle Wedding Photographer - Specializing in Wedding Photography

Spencer Boerup photography - Tucson Arizona Wedding Photographer - Specializing in Wedding Photographer

Josh Snyder Photography - Phoenix Wedding Photographer - Specializing in Modern Wedding Photography

Scott Mosher Photography - San Jose Photographer - Wedding, Portraits, Sports, and Product Photography


Truth is, I just love taking pictures!  I started when I was about 12 years old, just taking landscape pictures with my dad.  Somehow I became hooked.  After that, I was always looking for a picture, in everything.
For a better understanding as to why I jumped into weddings, the short video below covers that.  But keep in mind it was made in 2009 when I had way more hair, and tiny glasses.

Watch the Video