Shawn and Daphne - Hitched!

Such a fantastic couple, I've been anticipating their wedding, ever since their engagement session last fall. Not many people can pull off a fancy wedding dress and cowboy boots like Daphne.
Special thanks to Mr and Mrs Albers for letting us use their farm for a few shots in between venues. We don't know them at all, but they were gracious enough to let a couple strangers use their property for a few minutes. I saw their farm on the way to Northfield and just had to stop and ask.

wedding, northfield, mn

It was certainly the most dimly lit ceremony I have ever shot.

Daphne's Mustang made for the perfect prop in a couple of shots.

The next 6 images (minus the cake topper) were shot on the Albers farm.

We were just missing the pitch fork!

northfield ballroom, wedding
northfield, ballroom, wedding