Changing the World on a Tuesday Night

Last spring I was contact by Tammi DeVille to see if I'd be interested in photographing 3 volunteers in the Twin Cites for a book she was working on "Changing the World on a Tuesday Night". I also volunteered my time to take these shots for her. I thought the idea behind the book was great, and I was happy to help.
Well, it's been a long process for Tammi to get everything ready, but it looks like the book is on it's way to the publishers (Congrats!). It's also starting to get a little publicity. Volunteer Match has used one of her stories on their site - here. And it just so happens to feature one of my photo's.
It just blows my mind how many of these volunteers have a full time 9-5 and then volunteer another 20 or more hours a week on top of that!