Utah Part V - Bryce National Park

Picking up from where I left off... the day before we were up at 6am to get the sunrise at Arches National Park, then off to Dead Horse State Park to take in the views and the history, and finally the long road trip down the very scenic Hwy 12 towards Bryce, stopping briefly for the sunset / moon rise just before finding a little motel. The next day would include Bryce National Park and then off to Zion (which will make up Part VI).
Bryce offers stunning views at every look out, the formations are called "hoodoos" and make for spectacular pictures.

bryce national park
Now, as I mentioned, the day before started at 6 and went till about midnight. I set my cell phone alarm for 6am this day as well, to get the sunrise at Bryce (dad's idea). Indecently, if a cell phone (or at least my cell phone) looses service, it will revert back to it's normal time zone. In this case, one hour earlier. So, instead of 6am Utah time, we are up and out at 5am... and it's pitch black outside! Now, I'm not much of a morning person, and the shot below proves that.
I'm wearing the warmest clothes I brought.

bryce, national park

In all the shots above, the sun hasn't even broken the horizon yet, but here it is peaking out... finally.

I was wearing my sandals!

It's not a place I would bring my kids till they were a little older.

On deck is Zion National Park .... save the best for last! Oh, and for anyone wanting to see Bryce park, if you go at 5am you don't have to pay admission... you also don't get any maps.