Utah Part IV - Zion National Park

Saving the best for last, Zion National Park! This park is truly gorgeous. Huge, red sandstone cliffs, slot canyons and waterfalls. In Bryce you are on top of the cliffs looking down, here you are at the bottom, looking way up. For me, the water features are what I was drawn towards, no other parks had this.

To get these shots you have to hike UP stream in the Virgin River, which was mostly knee deep (and I'm 6'3") and COLD. Instead of using drift wood sticks to navigate the rocky bottom like everybody else, I chose my travel tripod (mistake), meanwhile the wing nut on my camera strap fell into the water. So I'm carrying my camera in one hand, with no strap and my tiny tripod in the other.

What's in the fanny pack you ask? A bruised up apple, a granola bar and half a twix bar.

These are the drift wood sticks that past hikers used to navigate the river, returning them here for others on their way out.

The hike to the Emerald Pools the next morning.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed my coverage of southern Utah.... thanks for looking!