James and Jessica - Wedding Bliss

James and Jessica tied the knot last weekend at the St. John the Baptist Church in Jordan (love that town), followed by a rocken' reception at The Wilds in Prior Lake. The weather started out a little wet but quickly turned into the perfect day. This couple was truly fantastic to work with and I wish them all the best in the coming years.

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The "first look"
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Just for some artistic fun...

This old church has wonderful architecture, great ceilings, awesome arches and pillars. I did this angle to show those off, and keep the bride and groom in the bottom corner of the frame.

They brought their cute little puppy out to the park for some shots!

Although most trees are (or were) still green, this one was screaming color

I absolutely love this candid bar shot, priceless.

This perfectly timed shot (by Joanne Chappellaz) shows this young girl snatching the bouquet out of mid air. Take a second to look this shot over.
(oops, this one was supposed to be before the one above)

Another perfectly timed shot by Joanne, just about to grab the garter.... the tongue out is priceless!

There was a ton more rocken' dance floor shots, in fact I dedicated an entire post to them... see below.