A Full Set

I get asked quite often what a typical wedding set looks like. When I shoot a wedding, I am trying to capture an entire day, little glances, laughter, tears, details, events.... you know, memories! Afterwords I go through all of the shots and pick out the best of the best. Those are the shots I'll edit and pay extra special attention to. I call these the "proofs". I still present all of the other shots (minus the ones that don't work, eyes closed, etc) on the final disc as well.
Here is a sample of an entire proof set (minus the formal shots, because lets face it, you've seen one, you've seen them all). This was shot in May of 2010 with the help of my second shooter (Glenda Conner).

Please, only try to watch this if you have a high speed connection and at least 7 minutes to burn.