Winter Wonder Land

I spent a good chunk of December freezing my butt off in Canada... and visiting family over Christmas. The shot below is the "blue moon", also the last full moon of 2009. It happened on a VERY cold night, -34 C not including the windchill. Cold enough that my tripod leg almost broke when I was trying to fold it up to get back on the dog sled... er heated car. But kudos to my camera to keep on trucken' the way it did.
The shots below that are of the wilderness I drove through trying to find a good spot where the moon would peak out.

There was something a little surreal about this forest.

Although this was close to sunset, the sun doesn't really get much higher than this throughout the day.

Here is the road I was on, note the deep tracks on the right where I almost decided to spend the night, Bear Grills style.