Brittany and Scott - another HOT one

This was one of the warmest, muggiest weddings I can remember (along with Karen & Kris's the day before). We spent a lot of time outside... about 75% at least, and I had to stay outside to keep my gear from fogging up. Even when we went to the waterfall and field, I couldn't use the air conditioning because it would fog everything up. Brittany and Scott were great sports about it, I felt bad for Scott in his suit, but they both were amazing to tolerate the humidity so well (I guess when you live in Florida for half the year you sort of get used to it).
Their ceremony and reception was held at the Wilds Golf Club in Prior Lake, most of these first few pictures were taken at the entrance and over at a field across the street. The ceremony, reception and food (they had 9 different meals to choose from) were fabulous.
I have to give a special thanks to Alica Mady for helping out that day, second shooting and stopping things from blowing away.

wilds, wedding, mn, pics by dan
pics by dan, picsbydan

pics by dan
pics by dan
wilds, wedding, pics by dan
pics by dan
pics by dan, mn
picsbydan, pics by dan,
dan buettner, pics by dan

wedding, wilds golf

wedding, prior lake

image courtesy of Alicia Mady

image courtesy of Alicia Mady

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