Ryan & Crystle - Hitched!

What a day! Fortunately, the rain stopped late in the morning and left us with a beautiful day for pictures (minus a couple wet spots). They had their ceremony at the lovely Valley Grove Church, just south of Northfield. This church is situated basically in the middle of no where, but is a gorgeous spot for a wedding. The large tree out back is held together by large chains after it started to split down the middle, and I am soooo glad they kept it alive.
Following the ceremony it was off to Northfield and the Grand Event Center for the reception. Northfield is such a great town for pictures (in my opinion), see below.

The Tree

Ring that bell!
I personally love shots like this. The juxtaposition of the bride and groom, in their formal wear against a dirty, rustic backdrop. Crystal and Ryan were up for it, so we asked the teenagers who were already using it, if we could borrow their spot for a few minutes.
Now this is just a guess, but I think Crystal may have done some modeling in the past (or maybe still does).

In front of The Grand