Newfoundland Part 2 - St John's

Back in June, my father and I had the opportunity to travel throughout Newfoundland Canada.  Our first stop was St John's (the capital... and hence where the plane landed).
It is a wonderful little city, with an unmatched number of bars and pubs.  Established as a fishing community, I'm told that the leftover boat paint was used for the houses.  This is now heavily regulated by the government (you can't just paint your house any old color, it needs to flow in the series).  Also regulated are the heights of the buildings in the downtown region.  Since nothing is very tall, it keeps that small city feel.
From my prairie boy perspective, the first thing I noticed (aside from the colors) is how slanted and random the roads are... no grid work roads here.  Some intersections have 5 roads coming together.

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