Free Time in Colorado

I had a chance to enjoy some free time in Colorado a few weekends ago. Staying in Colorado Springs we were close to a few major attractions, Pikes Peak (America's Mountain), Seven Story Falls (241 steps up, but down was actually the hardest part), and my personal fave had to be the Garden of the Gods!
Over the span of 3 days we were treated to a huge variation in weather, 85 and sunny, 65 partly cloudy to 30 and snow at 14,110 feet, and finally 45 with drizzle and fog. The first three shots are from the Garden of the Gods, different days, different times. You can pick your favorite, I like all three.

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Above and below, the John Briar Bridge, built in the late 1800's

My biggest "chase" was after the "Super Moon"! All day it was sunny and clear, but by the time the sun was starting to set and the moon was supposed to rise, it seemed as though the clouds would ruin the party. Not so. I couldn't believe how bright that moon was.

Above, the view from the peak inside the clouds. Below, the view just below cloud level.

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