Megan & Scott - MN Landscape Arboretum Wedding

Megan and Scott's small family wedding, took place at the beautiful Landscape Arboretum during the peak fall color this year. It was perfect, Megan was stunning in her dress, the weather was amazing, and the fall color was gorgeous!
I've shot at the Arboretum a few times before, but never a wedding. There's no question this spot is one of the most popular outdoor destinations for photography.... I was just happy to find a parking spot!
Following the ceremony we headed to the Wildfire Restaurant in Eden Prairie for some AMAZING food, drinks and speeches. After that, Scott's parents had a small reception for them in Cologne.

With 5 other weddings that day and 6 billion photo sessions going on, it was pure luck, patience and maybe some Photoshop to make it look like we were the only ones there.

tags: wedding, photography, arboretum photographer, outdoor, portrait, fall