Spring - around the yard

Spring started to fly by on me, and the weather didn't help any. I love chasing after tree blossoms every year, but this year proved to be rather difficult. Just as many of the trees in my area were reaching full bloom, along came the wind and rain (and hail and tornadoes... depending on where you live) and poof, they were gone.
I was glad I took the time to walk around my yard one day, and take a few pictures of spring before it was all gone. All of these tulips were planted last year, so I was extra excited to see them bloom.

tulip, spring
pine cone, spring

spring, flowers

We have a great crab apple tree in our yard (which is a good thing in spring, but a not so good thing in late summer, when they go "squish" on the grass). The day after I took this, there were about 10% of the blossoms left on the tree. I would have preferred blue sky, but there is always next year.

I put up a little tree swing this year, and it has been a HUGE hit with my kids.