I was fortunate enough to get to Phoenix at the beginning of March and spend 3 days with my parents (mostly taking pictures). Here are a few of my favorites.

1) This first shot ended up being my favorite, and it was the very last shot I took, looking back over Arizona from the plane as the sun was setting. I love how the haze gives each mountain a very 3 dimensional look.

2) This is a shot of Cathedral Mountain in Sedona.
3) A view from the small hike in to Cathedral Mountain.
4) The dramatic effects of a polarizing filter.
5) More red rock. I also couldn't believe how much green there was in the dessert.
6) Your classic postcard picture of Cathedral Mountain.
7) The coolest church I've ever seen, built into the hill side in Sedona. If anyone wants me to cover their wedding at this chapel, it's free (just get me there).
** EDIT - My second shooter just informed me that she would also love to come along, so there you have it, 2 photographers for the price of airfare, food and hotel!
8) My dad and I came across this man (and his friends) in Miami AZ, and he reminded me of an old gold prospector (which Miami is famous for).
9 and 10. Taken in Miami AZ, this is what's left of a gold boom many years ago. Now they are famous for there copper (according to the guy above).
self explanatory
11) the white trees in Sedona provide a striking contrast to the red hills.
12) Taken for the car window at 70mph
13) I loved the contrast in this fallen tree.